Dr Giuseppe Barone

Paediatric Oncologist
Dr Giuseppe Barone


  • Solid tumours (Neuroblastoma, Hepatoblastoma, Wilms Tumour, LCH)


  • Ph.D in Molecular biology and cancer therapeutics (2016).The Institute of Cancer Research, London (UK) 
  • CCT in Paediatrics/Paediatric Oncology with honours (Diploma di specializzazione in Pediatria ad indirizzo Oncologia Pediatrica) 2009. Catholic University of Sacred Heart, A Gemelli Hospital, Rome (Italy)
  • Bachelor of Surgery and Medicine with honours (Diploma di Laurea specialistica in medicina e chirurgia) 2004. Catholic University of Sacred Heart, A Gemelli Hospital, Rome (Italy) 


  • RCPCH (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) SIOPEN (SIOP- Europe - Neurobiastoma Group) 
  • ITCC (Innovative Treatment for Children with Cancer Consortium) 
  • Neuroblastoma biology 
  • Smallmolecules  
  • Immunotherapy 

News & Publications

Barone, G., Tweddle, D.A., Shohet, J.M., Chesler, L., Moreno, L., Pearson, A.D., Van Maerken, T., 2014.  MDM2-p53 interaction in paediatric solid turnours: preclinical rationale, biomarkers and resistance. Current Drug Targets. 15 (1) pp. 114-123. 

Barone, G., Anderson, J., Pearson, A.D.K., Chesler, L., 2013. New strategies in neuroblastoma: Therapeutic targeting of MYCN and ALK. Clin Cancer Res. 19 (21) pp. 5814-5821. 

Rizzo, D*., Barone, G*., Ruggiero, A., Maurizi, P., Furfaro, I.F., Castagneto, M., Riccardi, R., 2011. Massive venous thrombosis of inferior vena cava as primary manifestation of renal Ewing's sarcoma. Clinical Nephrology. 75 (6) pp. 560-564. (* joint first Authors) 

Riccardi, R*., Barone, G*., 2009. Severe infections in immunodepressed children. Minerva Pediatrica. 61 (6) pp. 854-856. (* joint first Authors) 

Lazareschi, 1*., Barone, G*., Mastrangelo, S., Furfaro, I.F., Rando, G., Riccardi, R., 2009. Could APC gene screening be useful in children with hepatoblastoma? Early onset of adenocarcinoma in a child with familial adenomatous polyposis and hepatoblastoma. Tumori. 95 (6) pp. 819-822. (* both first Authors) 

Lazzareschi, F., Barone, G*., Ruggiero, A., Liotti, L., Maurizi, P., Larocca, 1.M., Riccardi, R., 2008.  Paediatric Kikuchi Fujimoto disease: a benign cause of fever and lymphadenopathy. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 50 (l) pp. 119-123. (* joint first Authors) 

Laboratory research publications 

Di Francesco, A.M., Ubezio, P., Torella, A.R., Meco, D., Pierri, F., Barone, G., Cusano, G., Pisano, C., D'lncalci, M., Riccardi, R., 2012. Enhanced cell cycle perturbation and apoptosis mediate the synergistic effects of STI 926 and ATRA in neuroblastoma preclinical models. Investigational New Drugs. 30 (4), pp. 1319-1330. 

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