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Telemedicine services

Consultant Chien Wong performing telesurgery with a team in Armenia

The telemedicine service at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) in London facilitates two-way, real-time interaction between our experts and patients, families and other healthcare professionals around the world. Integrated technology allows our world-leading consultants to provide a range of services including second opinions, regular clinics, training sessions, diagnostic and treatment planning support.

The mission of our telemedicine service is to:

• Ensure world-leading healthcare is accessible to children from around the world

• Encourage the sharing of expertise among healthcare professionals, so that more children around the world can benefit from developments in paediatric healthcare

Telemedicine at GOSH

We offer a wide range of telemedicine services to meet your individual needs, including:

Second opinion consultation:

When faced with a complex or rare medical diagnosis, patients, families and healthcare professionals can ensure they make the right decision for treatment with the help of an expert opinion from one of the world’s leading paediatric specialists at GOSH.

Our second opinion consultation gives patients, families and clinicians access to a GOSH specialist without having to travel. A GOSH consultant will review the patient’s medical records and provide a detailed report within 5 business days. The consultant is also available to discuss the patient’s case and subsequent report via video conference with both the patient, family and local consultant.

Regular clinic slots and MDT case discussions:

Our consultants are available to attend weekly, bi-weekly or monthly 2-hour slots for patient case discussion to review, discuss diagnosis and treatment options. Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) case discussions are also available with a team of GOSH experts from a range of relevant specialities. These formal discussions will allow both teams to benefit from mutual knowledge sharing.

Grand Round support:

The GOSH MDT team can be present to join your Grand Round discussion, if broadcast through video conferencing technology.

Training sessions:

GOSH is committed to delivering high-quality education and training for paediatric specialists from around the world. As part of our wider education and training service, we offer ad hoc bespoke lectures that can be delivered online by GOSH experts to your clinical teams. Our online, interactive training sessions use videoconferencing technology to allow various teams in multiple locations to access and participate in an educational event run by GOSH. The objective of the training sessions is to contribute to the education and professional development of paediatric specialists through sharing clinical experience, research and best practice in more than 60 specialties.


GOSH telemedicine technology includes encryption to ensure data protection and that all medical reports and patient records shared are securely protected. Our videoconferencing systems include Skype, WebEx and Cisco, and all are certified and validated.

Our expert IT telemedicine team will work with you to determine your technical specifications and needs in establishing links with GOSH. We will provide support during the transition process of installation and we encourage test runs half an hour before the agreed telemedicine time slot. GOSH has a multi-disciplinary team to support telemedicine delivery that includes clinical, administrative and Information Technology departments within the Trust.

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