Calix's story - the Kelly Procedure

Meet Calix who came to Great Ormond Street Hospital for a highly specialised procedure called the Kelly Procedure to treat a rare condition called bladder exstrophy. “Bladder exstrophy is a congenital abnormality that occurs when the skin over the lower abdominal wall (bottom part of the tummy) does not form properly. The bladder is open and exposed on the outside of the abdomen,” Professor Mushtaq, Consultant Paediatric Urologist, explains. Calix was successfully treated by Prof. Mushtaq and his team in July; GOSH is one of only three paediatric institutions in the world who are experts in bladder exstrophy.

"I don't think there is anywhere like this hospital and it just really cares for the children it has. It just does the best for those children. I can't imagine how I would have coped without the support I received," says Calix's mum

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