Dr Colin Wallis

Consultant Paediatrician in Respiratory Medicine, Associate Professor of Respiratory Paediatrics
Dr Colin Wallis


Dr Colin Wallis is a Consultant in Respiratory Paediatrics and has worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in the Respiratory Unit since 2003. He is Head of Clinical Service and has a special interest in asthma, acute and chronic respiratory disorders of childhood, congenital lung abnormalities and cystic fibrosis. He is an associate professor of Respiratory Paediatrics and an active member of the respiratory research team at the GOSH UCL Institute of Child Health. 

Dr Wallis received his undergraduate training at the University of Cape Town and after completing an MD degree joined the paediatric registrar rotation at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. After additional jobs in the United Kingdom and further experience in Canada, he joined the respiratory team at GOSH in 2003.

Dr Wallis is past president of the British Paediatric Respiratory Society and an examiner for the Royal College of Paediatrics. He is the clinical lead for the North Thames Paediatric Long Term Ventilation service.

He has written widely on a range of respiratory-related conditions and has over 130 peer-reviewed papers as well as book chapters and reviews. He has also held national grants for multicentre studies in the fields of cystic fibrosis and long-term ventilation.


Respiratory Paediatrics which includes asthma, recurrent chest infections, swallowing abnormalities, sleep related respiratory disease, cystic fibrosis, congenital lung disease, lung disease of prematurity, respiratory consequences of neuromuscular and spinal disorders and long-term ventilation. 

• Chronic cough 
• Asthma 
• Acute and chronic lung infections 
• Wheezing illnesses of childhood 
• Cystic fibrosis 
• Congenital lung and tracheal abnormalities 
• Skeletal dysplasia 
• Sleep related breathing disorders 
• Chronic respiratory failure 


  • MB ChB 
  • MD 
  • DCH 
  • FRCP 
  • FCP(SA)


  • Member of the British Paediatric Respiratory Society
  • Examiner for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Clinical lead for the North Thames Paediatric Network 

• Congenital abnormalities of the trachea 
• Early lung changes in cystic fibrosis 
• National grants for multicentre studies in the fields of cystic fibrosis and long term ventilation 

News & Publications

Colin Wallis has written over 130  peer reviewed publications in national and international journals as well as book chapters and reviews including: 

Rijnberg, F.M., Butler, C.R., Speggiorin, S., Fierens, A., Wallis, C., Nouraei, R., McLaren, C.A., Roebuck, D.J., Hewitt, R., Elliott, M.J., 2015. The influence of stents on microbial colonization of the airway in children after slide tracheoplasty: a 14-year single-center experience. Pediatr Pulmonl 50(1) pp. 79-84. 

Hoo, A.F., Thia, L.P., Nguyen, T.T., Bush, A., Chudleigh, J., Lum, S., Ahmed, D., Balfour Lynn, I., Carr, S.B., Chavasse, R.J., Costeloe, K.L., Price, J., Shankar, A., Wallis, C., Wyatt, H.A., Wade, A., Stocks, J.; London Cystic Fibrosis Collaboration. 2012. Lung function is abnormal in 3-month-old infants with cystic fibrosis diagnosed by newborn screening. Thorax. 67(10) pp. 874-81. 

Abel F, Bajaj Y, Wyatt M, Wallis C. 2012. The successful use of the nasopharyngeal airway in Pierre Robin sequence: an 11-year experience. Arch Dis Child. 97(4) pp. 331-4. 

Bryon M, Wallis C. 2011. Parents as equal partners in the paediatric cystic fibrosis multidisciplinary team. J R Soc Med. 104 (Suppl 1) pp. S30-5. 

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