Dr Robert Yates 

Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Paediatric and Fetal Cardiology 
Dr Robert Yates 
Dr Robert Yates 


Dr Robert Yates undertook his undergraduate medical training in South Africa, graduating in Johannesburg before coming to the UK in 1989. After basic training in Paediatrics his postgraduate training in Paediatric Cardiology was undertaken in London. Appointed as a consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in 1999, Dr Yates is also a frequent visiting consultant to a number of overseas hospitals.  

At GOSH, Dr Yates is one of four consultants in the fetal echo department. This service undertakes approximately 2,000 fetal echo’s annually and of all the neonatal operations, some 40-50% will have had cardiac abnormalities detected prenatally. Dr Yates liaises closely with affiliated fetal medicine and neonatal units to promote improved detection of cardiac disease prenatally and to optimize perinatal care for babies delivered with cardiac problems.  

Dr Yates is also one of three interventional cardiologists working at GOSH undertaking diagnostic and a wide range of interventional cardiac catheterization procedures in paediatric patients. His team pioneered the development of transcatheter implantation of pulmonary valves which is now an established technique worldwide.  

Dr Yates will be a faculty member of Arab Health Conference, Dubai, Jan-Feb 2018.


  • All aspects of paediatric cardiac disease with special expertise in fetal and interventional cardiology  
  • Fetal cardiology 
  • Interventional Cardiology 


  • Med BSc (Univ of Witwatersrand, SA) 1985; MB BCh (University of Witwatersrand, SA) 1988;
  • Membership of College of Physicians (London) 1992,
  • CCST in Paediatric Cardiology, (London) 1999
  • Fellow of College of Physicians (London) 2004


  • British Congenital Cardiac Association
  • British Cardiac Society
  • British Medical Association

Health Authority of Abu Dhabi License No: GD 19786 (Consultant in Paediatric Cardiology)

Dr Yates is widely published in both interventional and fetal cardiology as well as book chapters in major Cardiology/Paediatric text books. His team pioneered the development of transcatheter implantation of pulmonary valves which is now an established technique worldwide. 


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News & Publications

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