Prof Jan Marek

Lead Consultant in Echocardiography & Prenatal Cardiology
Professor Jan Marek


Professor Jan Marek is a Consultant Cardiologist with expertise in paediatric and prenatal cardiology and cardiovascular imaging. He has been working at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) since 2005. 

Professor Marek is currently a Lead Consultant of Echocardiography and Prenatal Cardiology at GOSH, and also Professor at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences at University College London (UCL) and Charles University, Prague. 

Professor Marek has completed five grants as a principal investigator and published more than 150 peer review articles. He published one textbook as a monograph and contributed to several other books and teaching materials. 

“I feel strongly that the things I have learned through a career dedicated to helping patients should be transferred to the next generation of doctors, nurses, and researchers because this gives us the best opportunity to improve future care for those that need it most.” 


• Paediatric and prenatal cardiology 
• Echocardiography 
• Cardiovascular imaging in congenital heart disease 


• Trained as a paediatric cardiology in Prague, Houston and Toronto  
• Specialised in paediatric and prenatal echocardiology 
• Professor of Cardiology  
• Charles University Prague and University College London  
• PhD 

• Czech Society of Paediatrics 
• Czech Society of Cardiology (CSC) 
• Working Group of Congenital and Valvular Heart Disease in Adults of the CSC 
• Working Group of Echocardiography of the CSC 
• Working Group of Paediatric Cardiology of the CSC 
• Section of Foetal Medicine of Czech Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 
• Association for European Paediatric Cardiology (AEPC) 
• Fetal Cardiology Working Group of the Association for European Paediatric Cardiology (AEPC) 
• American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) 
• British Society of Echocardiography 
• European Society of Cardiology 
• European Association of Echocardiography 
• International Society for Nomenclature of Paediatric and Congenital Heart Disease 
• Imaging Working Group of the Association for European 15. Paediatric Cardiology (AEPC) 
• Italian Society of Paediatric Cardiology 
• Fellow of European Society of Cardiology 

• The assessment of cardiac morphology and physiology using advanced echocardiographic modalities including: 3D echocardiography, tissue deformation imaging, stress echocardiography  
• Myocardial mechanical and electro-mechanical myocardial performance under different loading conditions (patients with tetralogy of Fallot, pulmonary hypertension, critical aortic stenosis, Ebstein anomaly of tricuspid valve) 
• Coronary induced myocardial ischaemia (anomalous origin of left coronary artery from aorta, Kawasaki disease, cardiac transplantation) 

News & Publications

Marek, J. 2015. Jaroslav Stark, MD, FRCS, FACS, FACC--celebrating an icon of pediatric cardiac surgery at age 80 years. World J Pediatr Confenit Heart Surg. 6(2) pp. 348-9. 
Ibrahim, M., Tsang, V.T., Caruana, M., Hughes, M.L., Jenkyns, S., Perdreau, E., Giardini, A., Marek, J. 2015. Cone reconstruction for Ebstein's anomaly: Patient outcomes, biventricular function, and cardiopulmonary exercise capacity. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 149(4) pp. 1144-50. 
Giudici, V., Kanani, M., Muthialu, N., Carr, M., Calder, A.D., Owens, C.M., Cook, A.C., Marek, J. 2015. Duplicated left pulmonary artery: an unknown disease? Three case reports and review of the literature. Cardiol Young. 5 pp. 1-7. 
Selly, J.B., Iriart, X., Roubertie, F., Mauriat, P., Marek, J., Guilhon, E., Jamal-Bey, K., Thambo, J.B., 2015. Multivariable assessment of the right ventricle by echocardiography in patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot undergoing pulmonary valve replacement: a comparative study with magnetic resonance imaging. Arch Cardiovasc Dis. 108(1) pp. 5-15. 
Ciliberti, P., McLeod, I., Cairello, F., Kaski, J.P., Fenton, M., Giardini, A., Marek, J. 2015. Semi-supine exercise stress echocardiography in children and adolescents: feasibility and safety. Pediatr Cardiol. 36(3).

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