Dr Sniya Sudhaakar



Dr Sniya Valsa Sudhaakr is a professor at the Christian Medical College, which is a large quaternary referral centre in the India Fellowship, from SickKids Toronto. He believes that the child should come first, always. 

Languages Spoken:

  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam


  • Neuro metabolic
  • Neuro inflammatory
  • Fetal Imaging 
  • AI in Paediatric Neuroradiology, specifically Neuro genetics 
  • FRCR
  • DNB Radiology
  • Paediatric Neuroradiology Fellowship 


  • Neurogenetic, metabolic diseases
  • Use of AI in neurogenetics and deep phenotyping

News & Publications

'White Matter Anatomy: What the Radiologist Needs to Know'. Victor Wycoco, Manohar Shroff, Sniya Sudhakar, Waynee Less, Neuroimaging Clinics. Volume 23, Issue 2, Pages 197-216, May 2013 published online 21 January 2013

Calcifying fibrous tumour: an unusual omental lesion. Sniya Sudhakar, Yogesh Mistry, Arindam Dastidar, SudiptaSen, Sridhar Gibikote. Pediatric Radiology Volume 38, Number 11/November, 2008 1246-1248 Paediatric Radiology

Invited Review Article on Imaging in Paediatric Demyelinating and Inflammatory Diseases of brain Part 1. Sniya Valsa Sudhakar, Karthik Muthuswany, Manohar Shroff-accepted in Indian Journal of Paediatrics 2015.

'Beta Propellar protein associated neurodegeneration (BPAN): a rare cause of infantile autistic egression and intracranial calcification' S Yoganathan, S Sudhakar M Thomas, G Arunachal, accepted in Neuropediatrics in November 2015

Imaging in Inflammatory paediatric CNS disorders - Invited review article in journal of Magnetic Resonance Imagining

Radiogenomics in paediatric metabolic diseases, A primer for paediatricians - Invited review article - Indian Journal of Paediatrics

Clinical profile and outcome of children with opsoclonus myoclonus ataxia syndrome (OMA)-Accepted in Annals of Neurology 

Clinico-radiological Specrum of L-2-Hydroxy Glutaric Aciduria: Typical and Atypical Findings in an Indian Cohort. Accepted in Journal of Clinical Imagining Science

Reliability of Imagining-Based Diagnosis of Lateral Ventricular Masses. World Neurosurgery,Volume 124,April 2019, Pages e693-e701









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