Visa information

If you are travelling from outside the European Union (EU) for your child to receive treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), you will need a visa for your child and every accompanying family member before you can enter the UK. It is important that you apply for your visa as soon as your appointment has been confirmed as the process can take up to two weeks.   

All applications must be made online from the UK Visas and Immigration website. Please note that GOSH cannot apply for or obtain a visa on your behalf. 

If your local Health Office are sponsoring your treatment then they will be able to provide you with necessary documents to support your application. 

If you are self-funding, once your appointment is confirmed and payment received, we’ll send you a letter outlining the date of your appointment/admission, an overview of the medical treatment proposed, the name of your consultant, length of stay in the UK required and an estimate of cost. This letter should be used as supporting documentation in your application for a visa. 

Where we can, we are happy to help and guide you through the process, however please note we have no influence on UK immigration policies. Securing an appointment and getting a letter from us does not guarantee your visa application will be successful. 

If you are based in the Middle East and would like further assistance regarding visas, please contact the Gulf Office: 

Telephone: +971 4 3624722 

Fax: +971 4 3624716

Or please email 

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