MRI of GOSH patient brain
MRI of GOSH patient brain


The Neurology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital provides a specialist service for the diagnosis and treatment of children with neurological disorders. 

In 2017 GOSH was also announced as the lead in EpiCARE, a new Europe-wide epilepsy network, aiming to increase collaborations across Europe and improve access to innovative and highly-specialised diagnostics.

Please be aware that private referrals for NHS eligible patients are not possible for Neurology. This is because children requiring treatment in this department will need continued and well-co-ordinated care, and good communication from the outset with their local paediatric services is essential.  By entering the private treatment route, we are unable to provide the long term local support services required

Conditions we treat

  • epilepsy 
  • disorders of muscle 
  • peripheral neuropathies 
  • malformations of the central nervous system 
  • neurodegenerative and neurometabolic disorders 
  • central nervous system infections 
  • trauma to the central nervous system 
  • tumours of the central nervous system 
  • neurocutaneous syndromes 
  • movement disorders 
  • neurovascular disorders 
  • neuropsychiatric disorders 
  • complex neurodevelopmental disorders (for diagnostic evaluation) 

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