Funding your care

There are a variety of options for funding treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital’s (GOSH) International and Private Care: 

  • Self-pay – you may wish to fund your child’s treatment yourself. 
  • Medical Insurance – if you have personal or employer medical insurance for your family, you may be covered to receive treatment at GOSH 
  • Sponsorship international patients may be sponsored to receive care with us by your embassy, government’s health office or an alternative provider. 

Our prices   

Unfortunately, due to the complex conditions most of our patients have, we are unable to provide cost estimates before knowing more about your child and their unique care requirements. Once you have referred your child, provided their medical reports, and a consultant has been assigned to your child, we will be able to estimate the cost of your child’s treatment. 

Paying for treatment 

We ask every parent or guardian to make sure payment for your child's treatment is planned in advance of coming to hospital. This helps us to provide a swift and smooth registration process at what is often a very anxious time. 

  • Self-pay

If you are paying your own account, it should be paid prior to arrival at the hospital. If we do not receive payment prior to the admission date, treatment may be rescheduled until funding is secured. Outpatient appointments can be paid at reception on the day of attendance. 

  • Medical insurance 

Please supply confirmation of the patient’s cover prior to their admission or appointment. This must include the name of the insurance company, the policy number and the authorisation number.  

We accept guarantees for inpatients and outpatients from the following insurance companies. This means payment will be able to be claimed directly from them.   

  • BUPA 
  • AXA PPP 
  • Vitality 
  • Aviva 
  • WPA 

If you are covered by an alternative insurer, we recommend that you speak to them before progressing with a referral.  We’ll accept guarantees for inpatient care from all major UK insurers. 

For international insurers, we need either the family or the insurer to pay prior to treatment commencing. 

  • Sponsorship 

Patients being sponsored for healthcare by their embassy, government health office or alternative provider will need to provide a letter of guarantee. We will request this letter as soon as the booking is made with our referrals team.  

However, some embassies require you to visit and register with them upon arrival in the UK. You should be advised whether this is the case by your sponsor. 

Additional treatment 

The cost estimate you are given is informed by the referral sent to your consultant before admission. In the event of additional treatment taking place, further charges may be incurred. 

Further information 

If you have questions or queries about financial arrangements prior to arrival, please contact the Financial services department: 

Telephone: 020 7405 9200 (Outpatient ex6736 Inpatient ex8626 ) 

To make a payment, or to provide evidence of insurance, please call 020 7762 6801 or email